Golden Dorado are extraordinary hunters. They are always in search of an easy prey that happens to go by their holding spot (even a smaller Dorado!). They like moving water, and most times stalk close to river structure.
Fishing is done from brand new boats, specially designed for fly fishing, with two casting platforms that allow easy casting and fishing of two anglers at the same time, with remote operated electrical engine done by the guide.
Besides targeting Golden Dorado, there is also the bonus of fishing other exciting fish too like Pacu, Pira Pita, Tararira, Surubi, Chafalote, and other freshwater species, which provide fantastic sport.

Fishing is done with 8/9 weights (fast action rods are suggested), with floating and sink tip lines in different densities and sinking rates. Although regular lines can work fine, during the summer months, weather can be very hot and tropical, so lines that can turn a big fly are suggested.
Fishing for Pira Pita and Tararira is performed with 5/6 weights and floating lines.


Our seasoned first-class professional guide crew, sight fishing oriented and with as many seasons guiding with us, all of them English-Spanish speakers are ready to share with you their invaluable Dorado fly fishing expertise.


Lodging is provided by a comfortable two engine Mother Ship which features five double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, each supplied with A/C for added comfort.
Telephone, flat screen TV with films and TV, and internet are available at the Cruiser, too.
Meals are prepared by our exclusive Chef and matched with unique and high-class wines of Argentina, personally selected by the owners, who take pride in this selection. All-inclusive service.


Regarding seasons, ours is a full year running program; I think that the best fishing, as well as fun to enjoy all that it has to offer, goes from September to April. Our summer months, especially January and February, tend to be hot, but also suitable for fishing.
I like a lot November/December, and March/April. They are warm months, but delightful weather, with excellent fishing conditions.


The one and only moving mothership fishing program in all Argentina in the huge upper delta of the Paraná River system, one of the biggest in the world, at a short distance from Buenos Aires City and Rosario City.

Each day you will be fishing new waters, working different locations in its various forms, like runs, inlet/outlets of lagoons, small side channels, tributaries bringing bait fish, and on and on.  

To get to the Golden Dorado River Cruiser, a ground transfer and boat transfer is necessary and included.
Our ground transfer will pick you up from the Airport if the flight arrives (6 or 7 am) early in the morning or from the hotel you will be staying in. That transfer will take you to the Marina Azahares del Paraná (2 hours and a half from Bs. As.), and once you are there a boat transfer will take you to the mothership in an hour and a half approximately. That means you will be on the Cruiser at midday. When you leave the mothership, you will do it after breakfast, and you will be in Buenos Aires at noon approximately.



✓ Large outdoor fireplace and entertainment area.
✓ Wi-Fi Internet service
✓ Fleet of Drift Boats
✓ Fleet of new Toyota Hiluxes and Ford Rangers
✓ Fly fishing equipment
✓ Professional fly fishing guides
✓ Private transfer from the lodge to all fly fishing areas
✓ Meals, drinks & fine argentine wines during your stay
✓ Private transfers from and to local airports

✓ Trekking and bike ride
✓ Bird and wildlife watching
✓ Cooking lessons