The Aluminé is not just a river, it is also a symbol and a legend, all kinds of native Indian myths have been conceived around the Aluminé, and even a town is named after it. As it is a very long river it has both character and structure and the fishing possibilities are countless.
The Aluminé is a scenic and prolific river born out of Lake Aluminé. It is a spectacular river flowing through canyon-like valleys that will remind you of the lower section of the Snake River below Wilson, the Jackson Hole area. Surrounded by profuse willow-lined banks and cedar trees the Aluminé actually looks like a giant Malleo River. On its way south, the Aluminé collects the waters of two key rivers, the Quillén and the Malleo Rivers. This, together with the attractive rock formations and the countless great fishing spots makes this River a very special fishery.
The Aluminé is known for its exciting dry-fly fishing under the thousands of overhanging willows by its banks. These willow-lined banks provide shelter and food for the great browns and rainbows of the Aluminé.
One of the interesting features is the abundance of green ‘gusano’ worms falling off the willows during January and February. Fishing green ‘gusano’ worm patterns underneath the willows of the Aluminé River is one of the most challenging and exciting fishing options we have to offer. It will make your blood boil!
The river is scenic, beautiful and prolific. Fishing the Aluminé is one of our favorite options. An experience to remember.


Alumine River Lodge offers 4 rooms with private bathroom, an integrated living-room and dining-room with comfortable armchairs and a deck located a few meters away from the river. Cozy spaces and the caring assistance are set to enjoy every moment with typical delicacies of regional cuisine and the best Patagonian wines.
Tres Rios Lodge is a small yet charming and comfortable fishing lodge located in the confluence of Chimehuin and Alumine and Colluncura Rivers. With three (3) ample double rooms each with en-suite bathrooms and spacious living room, it offers an outstanding experience and good cuisine. This lodge generally opens its doors for one group at a time giving guests a very private stay.

✓ Fleet of Drift Boats
✓ Fleet of new Toyota Hiluxes and Ford Rangers
✓ Fly fishing equipment
✓ Professional fly fishing guides
✓ Private transfer from the lodge to all fly fishing areas
✓ Meals , drinks & fine argentine wines during your stay
✓ Private transfers from and to local airports

✓ Horseback riding
✓ Bird and wildlife watching
✓ Photography workshop


Alumine River is located 40 miles north from Junín de los Andes and 65 miles north from the town of San Martín de los Andes in the south west corner of Neuquén Province . A one hour drive from San Martin de los Andes Airport or three (3) hour drive from Bariloche International Airport.
Daily commercial flights from Buenos Aires to Bariloche will get you here while San Martin de los Andes Airport offers daily flights on January and February only. Flight time from Buenos Aires is two (2) hours.
Our guides will meet & great you at any of these airports and drive you to the lodge or fishing area.


Alumine River offers spectacular fishing from November to April. Check weather conditions here.