Fishing Report – End of season 2016

May 23, 2016    

mayo-gifFishing season is now over and after having been through variations in weather, meaning warm days, windy afternoons, frosts, and what not, we may feel that’s safe to say that the good weather has been prevalent, and now we are already thinking of next season. 

Patagonia has so much richness and so many stories come to mind: different rivers, different pools, fish caught, fish lost, it never stops.

destacadoWe are excited about the additional places we’re including in our crown of destinations such as new easy access to a beautiful spot, in all aspects, from where you can float and wade the Chimehuin, the Aluminé and the Collon Cura, together with the breathtaking Caleufu River that we’ve sort of re-discovered and fished frequently this season with fantastic results. Not to forget the fabulous Limay River out of Limay River Lodge that has provided our guests withfish up to 33 inches this season, as well as the “classical text book dry fly stream” which is the Malleo River that fished so well during the fall, and not just with dry flies but with nymphs and streamers as well.

So over all the years that have gone by, and despite the hundreds of stories, old and not so old, when people ask me about the “golden years”, I tell them that here in Patagonia we sometimes think we are still living in the golden years of fly fishing; vast territories and few people; that feeling of solitude without loneliness so highly sought by Robert Traver. And though we might have thought the “Golden Years” were the ones we had missed; reflecting on the ones we’ve had and the amazing ones we are living now, I dare say the golden years are not yet gone. Those magic moments are still with us, their spell is as strong as ever, and Patagonia is still Patagonia. interested